Tony Gaskin - From 227 to 247 to 234

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Tony Gaskin - From 227 to 247 to 234

A quick look at all of the Sportsman Boats, I have owned.

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This blog is dedicated to the Sportsman 234 Tournament Series Bay Boat. I compete on several Pro Redfish Tours in this awesome boat. My goal is to sell you on this model as it is upcoming and gaining popularity among the serious tournament anglers as well as those that occasionally also have to keep the wife happy.

Perhaps I should explain why those considering a Sportsman Boat may put some value in my opinion. My relationship with this company started several years ago with the purchase of a new 227 bay. I finally had a boat that was safe to go where I wanted as this was a upgrade from a very small skiff. I absolutely loved this boat and very soon after decided I wanted to aggressively pursue tournament fishing at a higher level. Before my twenty hour service was due on my Yamaha Outboard. I sat in my dealers office and proclaimed my intention. I had always done well in local events so with my chest poked out, I informed him I was gonna take my new Sportsman 227 bay boat and join the IFA REDFISH TOUR.

The dealer was very supportive with a smile that said "another dreamer with a new boat" something that I didn't notice in my state of excitement, of course. The truth is I just as well have said I was gonna be a jet pilot but to his credit he humored me. The dealer pulls out two Sportsman hats and Tee shirts and said "Go get em boy!" so that is exactly what I did. I gave my brother the extra hat and tee shirt because I needed a partner. I soon discovered, as did he, that fishing tournaments wasn't his cup of tea.

Although my brother didn't care for all that came with chasing my dream of becoming a professional angler he did like my boat. This lead to the purchase of his Sportsman 247. See how this is all coming together? I have been on the water and fished a great deal in three comparable bay boats so I feel I can give a realistic comparison. I have put all three of these boats to the test in every condition. I'm proud to say we are a Sportsman Boats family. I have gained a great deal of knowledge from visiting the manufacturing facility, as well as, on the water and take pride in sharing that with others.

The 234 tournament series in my opinion is the very best offered for obvious reasons. It is, and does everything that makes me happy with a boat. While the other two perform very well and are exceptional in their own right they have higher sides which some like, I prefer the lower sides and slightly narrower streamline design on the tournament series boats. This boat has all the features a tournament angler could ask for and is very sexy in the water almost resembling a speed boat.

As a new grandfather, the fishability is a little more important than the sexy. I don't cruse the marinas and boat ramps with the radio turned up to draw attention from those around MUCH anymore. However... Don't think I won't proudly pull up to the beach and power pole down like a sixteen-year-old boy with a rich daddy driving his new Corvette at a local car show.

I stated I wanted to sell you on this boat and that is exactly what I want to do. I truly say that with confidence and would be extremely proud to be responsible for the overwhelming satisfaction the new owner of a Sportsman 234 Tournament Series is sure to experience. Some of the highlights of this boat is the included integrated SportLink GPS offered exclusively in Sportsman Boats. New side gunnel rod storage for quick easy access, three live wells as well as a recirculate and pro air system which is a must when trying to keep fish alive in tournaments.

Without turning this blog into a sales brochure, I simply ask while you are on the Sportsman website reading this, be sure to check all the features and specifications of this amazing boat out.

We all have certain things we like in a boat. Others preference may be different than mine. With that being said unless you fish offshore the majority of time I urge you to give this boat serious consideration. In other word.... "Better take a close look at that 234 buddy!"

Thank you all for reading my blogs. Please feel free to ask questions you may have about this subject, like and share this with others.

Until next time! Stay safe! and I will see ya on the water.

Tony "Redfish" Gaskin

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