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Tony Gaskin - Everyone Catches It

These days there are a lot of ailments out there. Along with that, one that seems to get fishermen is "boat fever.”

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These days there are a lot of ailments out there. With the changing of seasons in the air so is pollen and hay fever. Along with that, one that seems to get fishermen is "boat fever.” From those who fish for trout and redfish in-shore to the guys with deep pockets who go after blue marlin and yellow fin tuna in the Gulf Stream. Sooner or later that fever gets on them to buy a new boat.

Advertising for the boat has come a long way and it's not hard to get drawn in by it all. Commercials feature pro anglers standing on the bow hooked to a giant fish and then zipping across the water with a big rooster tail shooting water up from a high powered outboard. Other commercials put a play on the family showing the mom kicked back with her favorite Hollywood gossip magazine or book, little Suzzie with her Barbie doll reel and rod and little mean Johnny secretly killing all the bait.

Unbeknown to you this is when that fever starts to set in. As visions of YOU being in that commercial your brain is effected and the wheels start to turn. New boats are expensive but now you are thinking of all the ways you can cut back on the budget to work that new Sportsman Boat right into your drive way to be prominently displayed like a trophy. The next step, to convince the wife a new boat would make life sooo much more fun, in most cases this is the biggest hurdle to overcome because with this fever running wild on you, your mind is already made up and you have already mapped out directions to the closest Sportsman dealer. So, tactfully you mention how nice it is outside, how great the wife is looking, and maybe a reference to a new bathing suit. What do ya know the fever spreads and now the wife has visions of that new bathing suit, the gossip magazine, stretched out on the bow of the new boat you think you're gonna fish from looking like Beyoncé with her fancy hat and Marlyn Monroe sunglasses. Your work here is done.

Boat fever is most likely what brings a person to a dealership. I don't think there are many folks that say as they are having dinner "honey what ya say we run down and buy us a new boat tomorrow.” The previous mentioned deep pocket guys may do it that way but trust me I wouldn't know anything about that. At any rate choose wisely and enlist the help of a good sales rep to ensure you get a boat that will provide happiness for the entire family. Like a good doctor a good boat salesman will address your needs and guide you to the perfect cure for the fever that got you there.

So you have the boat of your dreams, or your wife's dreams depending on who wears the britches in the family. You are cured! as you back the new rig in the drive way. You get out with a Sportsman Boats cap on and your chest all bowed out admiring that shinny new boat when you notice the neighbor looking on from a distance, the guy that always has to trim his shrubs just a little better than yours. And BAM!! Just like that the fever spreads to ole Fred the neighbor. Best you can hope for now is a whole community full of proud Sportsman boat owners.

This has been a comical way of looking at the purchase of a new boat but on a serious note there are no finer people to deal with on a high quality boat at a very reasonable price. So when you pull up to the dealership and are greeted with "hey guys welcome to our dealership" just tell em Tony Gaskin sent me, they will know that boat fever got ya there.

Thanks for reading my blog go visit a Sportsman Boat dealer to make your family dreams come true. Until next time be safe out there, see you on the water.

Tony "Redfish" Gaskin

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Tony Gaskin - Everyone Catches It