2024 VSR Battery System

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2024 VSR Battery System

Discover the latest innovation in the battery systems of premium line models in 2024. This blog post delves into the game-changing Voltage Sensing Relay (VSR) system, revolutionizing the way you manage power.

September 15, 2023
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Ralph Archer
Technical Service Rep

Let's discuss the battery system on the premium line models. The new feature for the 2024 models is the inclusion of the VSR (voltage sensing relay) system. This takes the guesswork out of which position to run the battery switch on, as there are only off/on and combined selections. There’s also allows the premium models to have a dedicated house battery system.

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When the battery switch is on and the engine is running, the VSR senses which battery has more current and draws the charge to that battery. Only the engine runs off the cranking battery, and all electrical components off the house battery. This is quite different from previous models and much simpler to operate.

A 1-2 or 1+2 switch system was used for those with earlier models. Both engine and electronics ran off the same battery on the system. The second battery was simply a redundant backup emergency source.

The confusion was always what setting I should run on, and then you would always run on the 1+2 thinking they are charging both batteries; while this is true to an extent, you’re also drawing from both batteries. If something happens to the charging system or one of the batteries, develop some issues. The second is only going to be utilized as well as the first. You probably won’t notice this issue, but it can leave you stranded in the long run.

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I recommend running on one or two and alternate which battery run off of now. Some may say you can’t remember which they use last. If that’s the case, simply use odd and even days. Use one battery on one of the even days, then use the other on the odd day. That is a sure way to know that both batteries are maintained evenly and ready to go should emergencies arise. With proper use as maintenance, you should enjoy stress-free boating for both of your batteries.

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