What Are Macerator Pumps?

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What Are Macerator Pumps?

A quick rundown of the strange pump you find inside of your fishboxes and what exactly it does.

May 12, 2023
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Victor Gonzalez
Director of Marketing

A macerator pump in the fish box of a boat is a type of pump that is designed to grind up fish waste and other organic material that accumulates in the fish box, making it easier to pump the waste out of the box and overboard.

The fish boxes in your Sportsman are a common feature used for fishing, and is used to store your catch until it can be cleaned and processed. As the fish are cleaned, scales and other organic material can accumulate in the bottom of the box, which can create odors and attract flies and other pests.

To address this issue, our boats are equipped with a macerator pump in any box that is designated as a fish box and below waterline. The pump is typically connected to a hose that runs from the bottom of the fish box, and is used to grind up the waste and pump it out of the box and overboard.

It's important to note that discharging fish waste overboard is subject to various laws and regulations, and it's important to follow these regulations to prevent pollution and protect the environment. Many areas have designated pump-out stations where boat owners can properly dispose of their waste.

To see a quick tutorial on how to operate your macerator pumps on your Sportsman Boat, check out Jim Isaac's episode of Tech Talk where he covers this topic exactly.