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Owner's Testimonials

This Is my 2nd Sportsman boat. Love the new 322 and plan to use It a lot for saltwater fishing and more!
Douglas G.
A great riding dry boat, with all the creature comforts on a fishing platform.
William B.
Sportsman 322 CC Is a jewel of a boat, very well thought out, top quality materials used, and the ride and performance Is great with the twin 425 Yamahas.
Paul H.
I have returned for another purchase of a Sportsman boat. I can't ask for better service from dealer and manufacturer. I have been very happy with both boats and know that will continue one for many years to come.
Lisa P.
Love our 322 Open. There are so many details and features that are built-in and standard. Rough water handling Is amazing In this boat. This Is a boat you can fish during the day and come back, clean up and take out with the family. Super comfortable for family. Turns heads everywhere we go!
Craig M.
Overall, boat Is fantastic!
Gregory B.
The work Sportsman has done on their new Open 322 Is amazing. The ride of this boat Is unmatched and with twin Yamaha 425's It really moves. The boat Is loaded with all the latest technology and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better boat In this size range anywhere.
Joseph C.
The wider beam makes a huge difference In the ride and handling. The amenities make It an amazing entertaining boat for kids and adults. The twin 400 Mercs are fantastic. The folding seats In the rear create great space when Its time to fish. Overall love the boat. Craftmanship/build seem very solid.
Craig B.
My 322 Sportsman Is a awesome boat, I love the quality, ride, performance. I will put It up against anything, regardless of price on the market .
Charles M.
This boat meets all my needs from fishing 60 miles out to anchored at the sand bar.
Lisa P.
My wife and I owned a Sportsman 312 that we really LIKED. When contacted by Sportsman we told them this, they asked what would I want them to do to make us LOVE It, I responded 'that easy" Bigger , More engines, Dual dive doors, Gas fillers on both sides of the boat, different seating arrangement !!! So Sportsman built the 352 with all these suggestion ! AND WE REALLY LOVE THIS BOAT !
David S.
I really liked my Sportsman 312,,,, I love my Sportsman 352 !
John P.
When searching for a larger center console that could meet our needs to fish the canyons off of New Jersey, fish the Gulf of Mexico out of southwest Florida and be comfortable for the family and friends cocktail cruise, the Sportsman 352 Open Is up to the task. The Sportsman was fully equipped with the best features of boats almost twice the price. This Is my sixth boat - second Sportsman - and we researched this class of boats extensively before deciding on the 352.
Raymond S.
There are many novel features on my new 352' Sportsman which I really appreciate.
Charles D.
Sportsman builds a first class boat. I recommend the new series In the 283,302,322, and 352. Fantastic boat made right. Very happy with my purchase.
Michael L.