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Owner's Testimonials

My wife and I have been boating for nearly 30 years, but our Open 232 was the first boat we purchased for ourselves. The Open 232 does not disappoint. Our boat exceeds expectations In performance, quality, comfort, fit and finish, and overall appearance. We are proud to be a member of the Sportsman family.
Michael C.
Great boat. Well made with all luxury features needed
John R.
My 232 Open rides like a 25! Super dry ride and great commoner service from Sportsman and my dealer!
Albert P.
Awesome boat all around, great ride, great quality, great design!!
Gary U.
I first want to say that the Sportsman Is an awesome boat I have a 232 Open and It handles great In any rough or smooth water. The seating Is plentiful for family and friends cruising or fishing. Sitting at the helm your vision all the way around Is unobstructed even at hole shot. I am very satisfied with the new boat I have used It for one season and really no Issues at all.
Michael D.
I’ve had my boat for about a year with no Issues! Boat handles beautifully, rides great, price was even better and customer service from both dealer and manufacture Is second to none! Couldn’t be happier!
John S.
My Sportsman Open 232 Is everything I had hoped for. Smooth ride, lots of power, really comfortable. I would recommend this boat.
Martin L.
Everything as promised
Paul H.
New to Sportsman, but so far we are very satisfied. Looking forward to fun times on this new boat.
Robert R.
As new boat owners the 232 Open Is a great place to start. Large enough for the family yet easy enough for us to trailer around to different launches. The Integrated electronics are great, looking forward to adding a second screen. The Yamaha 250FCA Is perfect power for this boat, the digital throttle Is super responsive.
Garry P.
Awesome boat . Dry, quiet, smooth ride. Great fishing/cruising boat. Great family, great service, both before and after sale.
Clifford M.
If you are on the fence about buying this brand boat, stop looking this brand boat will not disappoint!
Melvin G.
Boat rides great, looks beautiful and would recommend the Sportsman lineup to anyone
Samuel B.
I have a 23’ Sportsman Open, platinum package, with a 250hp Yamaha. I put 180 hours on her In the first season. I absolutely love the engineering that went Into this boat. I would highly recommend this boat for family fun and fishing.
Christopher A.
I am extremely happy with my new Sportsman
Eric T.