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Owner's Testimonials

My second and NOT my last Sportsman. The 212 Is an amazing boat for her size. Me & my wife spent three years shopping & couldn’t find a better equipped or better looking boat for the money. She’s everything we wanted & does everything well. From Inshore to offshore. We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase. We look forward to our next Sportsman.
Mark S.
It rides nice, plenty of seating, good for fishing and pleasure cruising.
Allyson P.
I boat off of the Massachusetts Coast on the South Shore and Cape Cod and If you are In the market for a center console, family and fishing friendly boat, you should absolutely consider taking a look at a Sportsman. This Is my second Sportsman and could not be happier with my purchase.
Edward B.
I looked forever online for the right boat to get Into the lifestyle. Even used boats were hard to come by and the prices weren’t that much cheaper. I went to a great local dealer and It just so happened an unclaimed boat came In that day. I bought It then and there mostly because I felt I could trust the product and the marina. My expectations have been exceeded already and the boat oozes quality. I expect a nice long summer of making memories with the family and friends.
Chris C.
We purchased the Sportsman 212 Open CC. This Is our first brand new boat purchase, our previous boats have been used, so this Is exciting! So far, we are really enjoying this boat and It fits our family’s needs!
Brian H.
This vessel has proven to be everything I had hoped It would be .Hull design ,electronics, Yamaha power source. Storage ,comfort, I recommend the Sportsman Boats!
Sarah T.
Very happy with my new Sportsman 212.
Robert H.
Our experience with the purchase of our new Sportsman Open 212 CC. We love our new boat!
John K.
Boat cuts through rough water as If It was a bigger boat; dry and firm. Very comfortable and easy to operate. Great finish and confronts . I get complements on the boat everywhere I go
Theodore W.
Overall I'm really happy with the 21ft Open Sportsman. I've fished It about 5 times now and the boat layout and performance are very good. I'm glad that I choose Sportsman and didn't go with some of the other brands that I researched.
Roger L.
I am extremely happy with my 212. The fit and finish along with the electronics package and Yamaha 150 are perfect.
Keith P.
A quality boat made In the USA that has a growing reputation.
James R.
Love my 212 Open. As Is so often said, I wish I had gotten a bigger model. I think the 232 Open, having a little more space would have been the perfect size for me. But the 212 Is a great boat overall.
Richard C.
I am very happy with my Sportsman Open 212 purchase. The boat has everything that I wanted regarding features and has been a joy on the water. Ride quality Is great and the boat Is beautiful. Everything looks to be of quality components and a quality build. I could not be happier.
Franklin A.
Excellent boat for fishing and family fun!
Jeffrey C.