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Owner's Testimonials

Great boat all around. Well built.
Marty L.
Absolutely love the boat, Sportsman 267. Dealership Is owned and operator by a family, whom to me were Impressive.
Michael M.
We are extremely pleased with the boat overall. The features such as a porcelain head, dual screen GPS, auto pilot have all been delightful upgrades. The Yamaha Is a perfect match - lots of power, but runs quiet at cruise. Highly recommended.
Stephen T.
I love my Sportsman 267oe
David W.
I highly recommend the 267OE. This Is a great boat and a great fit and finish. It preforms well on the ocean as well as In the bay or creeks.
Tony L.
Dream Boat, couldn't be happier
Thomas M.
Truly an excellent boat at a very good price point. Compares well with Boston Whaler at much less cost and better features. Some fit and finish Issues, but the dealer has been excellent. The Yamaha 425 Is a perfect match for this boat.
Warren M.
We enjoy the quality that Is In Sportsman boats and feel that they nailed It with the 267OE model. Love the boat!!
David W.
I could not have asked for a better 2nd Sportsman for my family. It serves as a fishing boat, and family cruiser for sandbar and lake days. Layout Is second to none, It’s perfect. Materials used are top notch, Gemlux, JL Audio, Garmin, ect. I will be a Sportsman Boat Owner for many years to come.
Jared Y.
I am extremely pleased with the design, finish ,and performance of my Sportsman 267 OE. A big Improvement over my Sea Hunt.
Michael V.
The Sportsman 267 oe Is loaded with an Internet price. I have owned many boats and this Is the gold standard. Check out their website!!
Jamie G.
I’m Impressed with the level of finish out on my 267OE as compared to other brands that are a lot more expensive. Sportsman does a great job at providing a great value for your money. The ride on the 267OE Is awesome. Cuts through the chop without all the pounding I’ve had In previous boats. It’s also proven to be a dry boat as well. We’ve been out In 15-20mph winds and went cross wind track and didn’t get wet. Also I love the way they do their second station with enclosed top.
William G.
Awesome bay boat
Gregg S.
I am extremely pleased with the design, finish, and performance of my 267 OE. I previously owned another brand at the same price point, and I can truly tell the difference with my Sportsman.
Jamie N.
After getting several quotes from boat manufactures the choice was easy, Sportsman! Sportsman boats are manufactured and assembled In house, loaded with all options at an Internet price. Check out their ,” On the water videos”.
Jamie G.