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Owner's Testimonials

This boat Is phenomenal. I am very pleased. My kids love It. My wife loves It.
Barton R.
Recently purchased a 231 Heritage and absolutely love It.
Derek E.
Took delivery of a 231 Heritage a few weeks ago. The boat has been amazing so far. Enjoying every minute out on the water.
Steven V.
We recently purchased the 2020 Sportsman Heritage Platinum edition, and are very pleased with our purchase. But the Sportsman had all the equipment that we needed, looked great, performed well, and was at the right price. We are very happy with our decision and so far the boat has exceeded our expectations.
Frank I.
This Is our first experience with purchasing and owning our own boat. We couldn’t be happier with our 231 Sportsman Heritage. It meets all of our needs as a family.
Douglas K.
I shopped around and viewed many different manufactures. Hands down, Sportsman has the best value for the 23' center. Good quality with a package ready to hit the water.
Jeffrey A.
The 231 Heritage has an amazing, wave breaking hull design. High, dry, and smooth. Impressive.
Carlton R.
We are extremely satisfied with our 23ft Heritage and would definitely recommend Sportsman boats.
Michael K.
My Sportsman dealership and representative was extremely engaged during the whole process, especially given the nationwide backlog Issues faced by nearly all boat orders within Sportsman.
Brad G.
Wow - am I ever glad I bought the 2021 Sportsman 231 Heritage! Beautiful boat with Incredible fit and finish, attention to details for every drain, hatch seal, console arrangement, seating and tons of storage space. Rides wonderfully and my family feels safe and sound onboard. Outstanding boat with terrific value.
Stephen G.
Great company, Great boat, great dealer, excellent value. Fits our families needs perfectly.
Raymond H.
During our search we compared every boat we looked at to the Sportsman 231. No boat In our price range came close to the fit and finish, and standard features available on the Sportsman. Yes, some were less expensive but came with a lot less options for a comparable price to the Sportsman. Once we took delivery of our new boat I was beyond happy with our purchase. The 231 Heritage offers a smooth dry ride and the list of standard features Is unmatched by any other manufacturers for the price.
Ken a.
Beautiful, fantastic boat! looking forward to many years of enjoyment!
Theodore L.
Proud new owner of a Sportsman 232 Heritage. This boat Is an Incredible value for a quality, well appointed boat. Very pleased so far with my decision.
Ronald P.
Sportsman lives up to Its name of a high quality, American made product.
Scott T.