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Owner's Testimonials

Love my new Heritage 211 couldn't be happier with It!
I purchased a 2020 Sportsman Heritage 211 after doing a ton of research on a variety of center console boats. This boat has everything and then some for someone who enjoys fishing and taking a relaxing day out on the water. The ability to go from fishing, whether It’s trolling or jigging to enjoying the day with the family In comfort takes minutes. These boats look and ride amazing and give you the best quality for the money hands down.
Peter L.
Sportsman boats are the best looking boats out on the water. You can always spot a Sportsman. The quality of the boat supersedes those In Its class.
Jason B.
One of the best built boats on the market. The warranty department Is best I’ve ever had the privilege of talking to and working with. This Is my third new boat and sportsman Is the best to date. Thank you Sportsman keep up the great work
Shaun F.
We bought a Sportsman Heritage 211 and absolutely love It. We’ have used It In the ocean and on lakes. Can’t say enough about how versatile the boat Is. We get compliments every day on how sharp this boat looks. We look forward to enjoying It for years to come!
Ryan H.
This boat Is very well built and Is top of the line for the price point. Hardware Is robust and fit and finish Is excellent.
Misty G.
This Is my second Sportsman and I wouldn’t consider anything else
Susan H.
Completely satisfied with my Sportsman 211 Heritage. It has all the bells and whistles that were standard unlike other boats.
Mark P.
We couldn't be happier with our purchase of the Sportsman 211 for our Family of 5. It Is surprisingly roomy and well laid out for both fishing and recreation. It also looks sleek, modern, and classy. My husband has been In the marine business his entire life and It takes a LOT to Impress him. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Sportsman. Looking forward to many years of fun and adventures.
Timothy M.
Our children have graduated college and now we have time to do the things we love. We purchased the 21 foot Sportsman and spend as much time as possible on the water. We cruise the Intercoastal waterways In Georgia and along the coastline and enjoy catch and release fishing. Our family, friends and neighbors are all envious and can't wait to go out and enjoy time on the water with us. Our new lifestyle Is so exciting and exhilarating. We feel revitalized and absolutely love our new Sportsman.
Tara C.
The Sportsman 211 Is good for small family. With confidence we can navigate bays offshore and lakes. The ride Is smooth and dry. Fit and finish Is one of the best we could find.
Curtis H.
Runs great, looks great, I feel I got a lot more value than with other brands.
John E.
Would recommend this boat to anybody, great ride and speed. Craftsmanship of the boat Is great!
Paul M.
Love everything about the boat
Paul J.
I own a 2020 211 Platinum and absolutely enjoy It! Pound for pound a great all a round boat and no complaints at all.
David R.