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Owner's Testimonials

Unlike any boat I have ever own. Best for Fishing, mobility, ride, and comfort just a flat out awesome boat. I HIGHLY Recommend all Sportsman Boats to the everyday fisherman and weekend warriors. You like myself WILL NOT be disappointed.
Great boat on the water, smooth riding and an eye turner. Best decision I ever made in purchasing a boat.
Living on the Treasure coast of Florida I wanted a boat for both the ICW and the ocean.The smooth,dry ride is what’s so impressive. The bow cuts through the chop and sends all water out and down.Wife picked boat for plush interior and amenities. Fishing was first on my mind.From Bass to Snook. Livewells,rod boxes,rocket launchers,tackle storage.You can put a truck load of stuff in this boat and still have a clean deck.The boat handles great and is stable.Looks really good at the sand bar too!
Can't think of a finer way to cruise the Mississippi Delta chasing ducks and fish than in a Sportsman Boat.
We wanted a boat that was family friendly but fishable. We love the layout and design of the Masters 227. This is our first new boat. Currently, we couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with our purchase. High praise goes to the dealership from which we purchased. They made the purchasing process stress free, they were very knowledgeable of the product and readily available to answer any questions or concerns.
I love this boat. Great features, great ride. I use it for fishing inshore mostly now, but I'm expecting to push off to near shore fishing opportunities soon. The access to the bilge is a real difference maker, and I'm loving the versatility of the baitwell with recirculator and aerator.
The Masters 207 is a great riding bay boat for its size. The fit and finish is top notch and it’s just a great looking boat. The engineers really nailed it on this design. Thank you, Sportsman.
Really like the features and performance on this boat. Very satisfied with our purchase
My Sportsman 207 is a perfect boat for the Carolina shores. The layout is well thought out. The functionality of the boats features are very user friendly. The boat is perfect to fish but is also great for recreational day rides with family and friends. The boats hull design makes for a smooth and responsive ride. I will continue to buy Sportsmans for the long term.
Just purchased a Masters 207.... all around great boat!!!
By far the best boat for the buck. I absolutely love this boat. Great dry ride and not to mention the best looking boat on the water. My 207 is the perfect boat for my needs. The lay out and available options are the over the top. Just love being in this boat.
The build quality of this boat is impeccable, from the gel coat finish to the labeling and organization of the wiring inside the center console. The accessibility to the pumps and valves under the rear seat storage is a game changer for me. I had to be a contortionist to access any type of electrical or mechanical systems on my previous boat. Now for the performance aspect of this beauty (Masters 207). She rides like a boat a few feet longer and feels much heavier than she is.
I researched for months to find a boat that would provide me family fun and fishing. Being that my wife doesn't fish we had to be able to run the coast and hit the beaches with friends, but I wanted to take it in and offshore. The Sportsman Heritage fit the bill perfectly. We have had 12 people cruising the rivers and bar hopping with plenty of room, and then I can strip the seats out and fish the next day without fear of ruining the upholstery. We love the boat.
You won't find more value for your dollar than this boat. I tried to find a better value and all roads kept moving me back to Sportsman. Truly happy with the purchase.
Fantastic boat.