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Family time on a Sportsman Boat.

Owner's Testimonials

I fell in love all over again a few weeks ago when I picked up my Sportsman 247 Platinum edition... What an incredible boat, and coupled with the 300 HP Yamaha, holy smokes, what could there possibly be to complain about. The boat is perfect in every way, handles the water great, nice dry ride, fishes very well, and perfect for day trips to the beach with the family. I ordered 2 power poles and a trolling motor and a complete set of front cushions with back rests also.
I am extremely satisfied with this boat, it handles great i would defiantly recommend it to a friend.
Sportsman has gone above and beyond to produce an excellent product. Will buy again.
Kenneth And Matthew
I recently purchased a 212 Open from Sportsman. Very happy with the boat. I have contacted the factory a couple of times and they have been very helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend.
After retirement, my wife and I have more time to travel even though we live in a land locked state all our travels involve the ocean or the gulf of mexico and we have been interested in buying a combination cruising and fishing vessel I have researched makes models and styles of boats very thoroughly for about three and one-half years in that time we developed a sense of what we wanted in the boat that we would eventually purchase. As soon as I saw the sportsman open 212 I was hooked, it was love at first sight!
The bottom line is that we LOVE all aspects of our Sportsman 212. It is good sized for our needs and relatively economical to operate.
I was interested in getting a boat that I could use for fun with my wife and friends and also do some serious fishing. I believe this boat is the answer to my needs. Definitely needed a head for emergencies and the boat seats 8 comfortably. We upgraded the motor to 200 hp. In the short time we have had it we have been thrilled. First fishing on this Friday and expecting good things.
Great boat! Lots of features. Great finish work on boat. Easy to load/unload. Smooth dry ride. You get a lot of boat for the price. Excellent price point. I would recommend to all my friends.
Very satisfied with my 212 Open.
I am very happy with the boat selection. Sportsman seems to be the brand that I will continue to buy.
My wife and I spent months researching offshore boat options and decided to move forward with a Sportsman. We are very pleased with the comfort, durability and overall functionality of the boat. By far, this is the best boat we have owned.
Brandon M.
I would recommend a Sportsman boat to anyone.
Our 232 open is a great overall exciting boat,we use it for fishing and family fun,a very dry boat in rough waters,(which keeps the ladies hair day a good thing) and the best part of the boat is it catches fish…
John & Michelle
Very comfortable and smooth riding boat. Easy to handle. The space on the 232 Open makes it easy to do all kinds of fishing and pleasure boating.
When retiring I was looking for a new boat for offshore purposes. I needed a boat that was small enough to trailer easily but yet large enough to feel safe in big water. I stopped at boat shows, looked on the internet, then went to several marinas comparing many brands. We settled on the 232 Open for its style and componets. There was no shopping around for T-Tops, Electronics, etc. Everything was set up in the boat the way I would have it done. I urge others to check Sportsman out before buying
Joseph & Angela