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Enjoy our fully in-depth walkthroughs of all Sportsman Boats models. Each video shows you all o...

Boat Model Walkthroughs

Model Year 2024

Enjoy our fully in-depth walkthroughs of all Sportsman Boats models. Each video shows you all of our standard features plus several of our top options with every model. This deep dive will provide you with all of the information needed to help make your decision on which Sportsman Boat best fits you and your family's needs!


Model Year 2024 - Episode 1

Open 252 Center Console - 2024 Walkthrough

INDULGE IN ENHANCED FEATURES WITH THIS COMPREHENSIVE CENTER CONSOLE THAT OFFERS TOP-OF-THE-LINE AMENITIES WITHOUT ANY COMPROMISES. The Open 252 Center Console boasts the latest Sportsman design and cutting-edge electronics with the perfect combination of family-friendly features, cruising comfort and offshore fishing capabilities - all in one easy-to-trailer 25-foot package. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a family seeking adventure on the water, the Sportsman Open 252 is designed to meet all your boating needs. With a sleek and stylish design, this center console delivers exceptional performance and handling, making it the ultimate choice for any boating enthusiast. Experience the best of both worlds with the Sportsman Open 252 Center Console - the ultimate blend of versatility, functionality, and style.

Model Year 2024 - Episode 2

Open 232 Center Console - 2024 Walkthrough

A GREAT VERSATILE LAYOUT IS ALL YOU WILL FIND ON-BOARD THIS MODEL. CLASSIC FISHING BOAT FEATURES BLENDED WITH MODERN RIDE CHARACTERISTICS. Designed to be the ultimate family fishing boat in the 23-foot class, the Open 232 brings you fit, finish and features not seen in this category of boat. The fishing amenities check every box for a day offshore fishing including ample rod storage, Gemlux rod holders, a large, insulated aquarium livewell and more. Then when it’s time for the family to jump on-board you’re greeted with safe comfortable seating, insulated coolers and storage to multiple anchors to make sandbar trips a breeze. And the best part? All of these features are wrapped up in an easy to trailer 23 foot center console that will bring years of memorable trips for you and the family.

Model Year 2024 - Episode 3

Heritage 261 Center Console - 2024 Walkthrough

ALL-FAMILY. ALL-CRUISING. ALL-FUN. The Heritage 261 defines a new class of family-focused water-centric all-fun boats. Whether you like spending time on the water, in the water or around the water, the all-new Heritage 261 has you covered. The water-centric views in sandbar mode will captivate your heart and is guaranteed to produce some incredible family memories for years to come. The layout includes deep U-Shaped seating at the bow with an electronically actuated table, edge-to-edge seating at the back for up to 5, dual side entry doors that open 180-degrees, dual transom walkthrough doors that flip to offer aft-facing seating, sandbar cooler accessible from outside the boat, dual boarding ladders, swiveling captain's chairs and so much more. Walking through the features on this boat will have you thinking "they thought of everything."

Model Year 2024 - Episode 4

Heritage 231 Center Console - 2024 Walkthrough

THE 23-FOOT CENTER CONSOLE CLASS HAS LONG BEEN THE BENCHMARK OF VERSATILITY, CAPABILITY AND PERFORMANCE. THE HERITAGE 231 DEFINES THAT BENCHMARK. The Heritage 231 is in a class of its own, with a family-focused design that revolves around fun on the water. Whether you prefer being on, in, or around the water, this boat has everything you need. Its water-centric views in sandbar mode will fully immerse your family in the moment, creating lasting memories on the water. Additionally, when you explore the boat's features, you'll be impressed by how thorough the designers were in considering every detail.

Model Year 2024 - Episode 5

Masters 267 & 267OE Bay Boats - 2024 Walkthrough

Experience unparalleled boating versatility with the Masters 267, seamlessly merging family comforts, sandbar conveniences, and fishing amenities. This hybrid bay boat offers unmatched adaptability for any adventure. Meticulously crafted, the vessel features expansive casting decks at the bow and transom, united by an open space for leisure. Accommodating four, the dual transom seats and bow lounge ensure relaxation. The helm's luxurious fiberglass hard-top shelters twin seats loaded with amenities. Ample storage includes lockable rod lockers and a capacious console interior. The Masters 267OE (Open Edition) encapsulates adventure, transitioning effortlessly between offshore and inshore. Its deck maximizes fishability, housing iconic livewells and essential components. The helm's seats, nestled under the hard-top, offer comfort, while upfront, an extended chaise lounge conceals storage and additional livewells. From hardcore fishing to leisurely cruising, this boat excels, delivering an unparalleled experience.

Model Year 2024 - Episode 6

Masters 247 & 247OE - 2024 Walkthrough

The redesigned Masters 247 Bay Boat features enhanced cockpit space, a redesigned console, tempered glass windshield, and various improvements. It's a top-selling 24' bay boat known for its exceptional performance and aesthetics. The deck includes dual livewells, a spacious bow casting deck, comfortable seating for up to 10 people, and outstanding bilge access. The boat's hull is optimized for shallow water and a smooth ride. Notably, it incorporates the innovative Seakeeper Ride System for superior stabilization, seamlessly integrated into the transom. Similarly, the Masters 247OE Bay Boat sets a new standard with a fresh design, extended console featuring a chaise lounge and storage, dual livewells, an open bow with a casting deck, and a capable hull for shallow waters.