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Photo Contest Rules

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Enter up to 5 photos each month taken on or from your Sportsman Boat; or with your Sportsman Boat in the background. ENTRY CUTOFF IS THE 20th OF EACH MONTH. All entries after the 20th are entered in the next month’s contest. The photo with the most Facebook shares wins, tallied at the end of each month!

Eligibility You must be a Sportsman Boat owner and the photo must be taken from, or on, your Sportsman Boat, or with your boat in the background. Employees and family members of Sportsman Boats are not eligible to enter the contest. In addition, Sportsman Boats authorized dealers are not eligible to enter.

HOW TO ENTER Submit your photos at Include your name, email address, location of the photo, boat model and a brief description of the photo including any fish species.

PHOTOS Up to five photos may be submitted per person, per contest. Each photo may only be submitted once per contest year. PHOTOS MUST BE 3 MB FILE SIZE OR LESS. Photos of unsafe or irresponsible boating or fish handling will not be considered. All catches must meet your state’s legal catch requirements. Only suitable photos will be allowed entry into our Photo Contests or posted on Facebook at the discretion of Sportsman Boats (no inappropriate or indecent photos).

JUDGING The winning photo will be determined by the most Facebook shares for that photo. Therefore, each photo owner should direct others to their individual photo page, or send them to, select the contest month in the drop down menu to vote for the photo.

ENTRY DEADLINE Beginning in May, 2015, each month’s contest will run for a full month, from the 20th through the 20th of the following month. Any submissions posted after the 20th will be placed in the following month’s contest. The winner will be determined on the last day of the month. Winners will be notified via email and the winning photo will be announced on our company website.

WINNERS In the event of a tie, Sportsman Boats management shall make the final winner decision at its discretion.

PRIZES The monthly winner will receive a $100 gift card to the official Sportsman Apparel Store.

Permissions By submitting your photo(s,) you give Sportsman Boats permission to use any image that you submit to Sportsman Boats for any advertising and marketing purposes without compensation of any kind. Such usage includes but is not limited to posting on Facebook and our company website; you also agree to receive from Sportsman Boats email, telephone or text communications regarding this contest or any other marketing communications.

INDEMNITY By submitting your photo(s,) you indemnify and hold Sportsman Boats, its officers, owners, employees, heirs and assigns, free and clear of any potential damages, financial or otherwise, arising from the taking of and use of the photos that you submit.

RESPONSIBILITY In the event that you win a contest, you are solely responsible for any tax reporting and payment of any taxes due from the delivery of any prizes or money that you may receive as a result of winning the contest.

RIGHTS Sportsman Boats retains all copyrights and trademarks that it owns and is not responsible for any copyright or trademark infringement, intentional or otherwise, that any photo submissions may cause. Sportsman Boats also reserves the right to change the terms of these rules at its sole discretion at any time without notice and may substitute cash and prizes for items of similar value at its discretion.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your awesome Sportsman Boats photos!