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26th annual Lowcountry inshore anglers sheepshead tournament

Title: 26th annual Lowcountry inshore anglers sheepshead tournament - On board their Sportsman Masters 247 Bay Boat - Location: Charleston, South Carolina (James island yacht club). Participating in the Photo Contest #SportsmanMay2018
8 months ago
Submitted By John M.
Boat Owned Masters 247 Bay Boat
Location Charleston, South Carolina (James island yacht club)
Entry Description His photo is one I took in the sunset after a successful tournament day out on the water.
Favorite Feature I love this boat for many reasons. This is the most versatile boat I’ve ever owned/rides in. We take it 50 miles offshore but can still wind through the local Charleston flats with no problem. We have never experienced any problems with the boat. It is as solid as all get out but it still only drafts in 18-20 inches of water! Amazing! Another one of the many reasons I love this boat is that it is made locally. I live on James island and I feel as if I can trust a boat that I know was made less than an hour away a lot more than a boat made all the way on the other side of the country. Even if I don’t win the contest, I just hope y’all take to heart that thousands of people all across the Lowcountry are enjoying their time out on a sportsman boat and they know when they’re abay or in the middle of the ocean, they can ALWAYS trust the boat deck below them!

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