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The 20 Island Bay's 1st Day on the water!

Title: The 20 Island Bay's 1st Day on the water! - On board their Sportsman Island Bay 20 Bay Boat - Location: Clearwater, FL. Participating in the Photo Contest #SportsmanMarch2018
10 months ago
Submitted By Collin D.
Boat Owned Island Bay 20 Bay Boat
Location Clearwater, FL
Entry Description This photo was taken on the first day of taking the new boat out after breaking the motor in and fishing in the morning. We stopped for lunch on Clearwater Beach and this was taken from our table. Great looking boat! We had multiple people walking around it and asking questions. Lots of attention!
Favorite Feature This boat is fantastic. After growing up on boats my entire life this is my first new boat. I love the storage, layout, power, standard Simrad electronics, & most importantly the price. From a value standpoint, it can't be beat. Overall, great quality, ride, and looks!

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