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Sailor's Mermaid

Title: Sailor's Mermaid - On board their Sportsman Masters 207 Bay Boat - Location: Panacea, Florida. Participating in the Photo Contest #SportsmanMarch2018
9 months ago
Submitted By Steven N.
Boat Owned Masters 207 Bay Boat
Location Panacea, Florida
Entry Description Sailor's Mermaid - 2015 Sportsman Masters 207 Bay Boat.
Favorite Feature 2015 Masters 207 Bay Boat.., * Love the fact that the interior side walls are flush/complete for sturdy construction. * Love the seat design for sitting or standing. * Love the fact that my Yamaha 115 four stroke only sips gas wide open on flats. * Love the compliments I get on this boat. * Love the many features of this boat and the fact that I can go into 12" of water and not run aground. * Love the fact that this is a dry boat as splash goes away from the boat. My wife & I love it so much that this past Christmas we named it... Sailor's Mermaid. (I am an Honorable Cold War Veteran, USNR & My wife is like a mermaid as she loves the Gulf of Mexico & all oceans.

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