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A Year For Its Name

This is our Heritage 211 at her christening, "Cool Beans". It took us a year, give or take a mo...
6 years ago
Submitted By
Mike S.
Boat Owned
Heritage 211 Center Console
Humble, Texas
Entry Description
This is our Heritage 211 at her christening, "Cool Beans". It took us a year, give or take a month, to name her. What a hull and power package! We ran round trip from Sheldon, TX to Lake Charles, LA. on her shake down voyage in June of 2016, about 350 miles round trip. In August of 2016, we really stretched her legs. We trailered to Hernando Beach, FL. First day we ran Hernando Beach down to Venice, FL. Second day we ran from Venice down to Marco Island, FL. The third day we ran from Marco Island down and over to Marathon Key, FL. Stayed in the Florida Keys for 3 nights and then ran the final leg of the trip from Marathon Key up to Miami Beach FL. Because the IWW is intermittent along the west coast and tip of Florida, it required navigating in the Gulf of Mexico several times. It was plenty rough in places, but the 211 with the Yamaha FX200B performed flawlessly. This trip was about 850 Ð 900 statute miles one way, after it was all said and done. We trailered back to Texas from Miami Beach. We just love the "Cool Beans"!
Favorite Feature
Our favorite features of the Heritage 211 is the Platinum upgrade with the Yamaha FX200B power package. With he Magic Tilt trailer, the rig tows like a dream. We have trailered round trip from the Houston, TX area to Miami Beach, FL. On the trailer, the rig can maneuver most anywhere. On the water with FX200B, the 211 is a great curser, averaging around 6 to 7 gph fuel burn, @ 3800 - 4000 rpm. The 200 Yamaha gives the 211 hull plenty of power coming out of a trough off shore, but yet lets the hull cruise, almost effortlessly and economically.