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Get Me On That Boat!

Title: Get Me On That Boat! - On board their Sportsman Heritage 231 Center Console - Location: Natick, Massachusetts. Participating in the Photo Contest #SportsmanSeptember2017
2 years ago
Submitted By Todd B.
Boat Owned Heritage 231 Center Console
Location Natick, Massachusetts
Entry Description My photo was taken while picking up friends at the beach in Pleasant Bay (Chatham, MA). We pulled up, they swam out, and we went out for a great day of cruising!
Favorite Feature My favorite feature on my Heritage 231 is the seating configuration. We can put all the cushions out and do some cruising and entertaining (with room for all) or we can stow them under the console and get ready for some serious fishing! ...and the rear access hatch is a strong contender too!