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After The Rain

Title: After The Rain - On board their Sportsman Masters 247 Bay Boat - Location: Fairhope, Alabama. Participating in the Photo Contest #SportsmanAugust2016
3 years ago
Submitted By Dean A.
Boat Owned Masters 247 Bay Boat
Location Fairhope, Alabama
Entry Description This was one of the most brilliant rainbows I have ever witnessed. We were using our Sportsman 247 bay boat for waterskiing (dual purpose!) and it started to rain lightly. We skied through it, and as the rain passed the sun re-emerged, creating this spectacular image. The photo was taken on the gulf coast, near the mouth of Perdido Bay.
Favorite Feature My favorite feature on my Masters 247 is large amount of flat fishing deck, fore and aft. We love to take this fishing for a couple hours starting at dawn, and be back home by breakfast!