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JL Audio is a strategic partner, heres an image of one of their product on our boat.

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How We Play

Sportsman Boats is an exclusive partner of JL Audio. Here is some more information on the components that we use throughout our boats. Some of the equipment shown are optional items and not available in all models.

Sportsman’s steadfast focus on high quality audio makes for a very rewarding partnership with JL Audio. This year, Sportsman’s audio options include an Ultra-Premium level featuring JL Audio’s most advanced marine audio technologies, like our premium M6 marine loudspeakers and revolutionary MVi amplifiers with DSP technology. To get the most from the technology, each Sportsman Ultra-Premium audio system is specifically designed and acoustically tuned for each boat model by our team of audio experts. The resulting dynamics and sound accuracy are jaw-dropping, clearly raising the bar for audio quality in a center-console boat.

Ora Freeman

Director of OEM Sales, North America
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Detail image of JL Audio Ultra-Premium M6 Upgrade

JL Audio Ultra-Premium M6 Upgrade

The JL Audio Ultra-Premium M6 upgrade features the all-new M6 marine loudspeakers, the benchmark for high-performance marine audio. The M6 speakers’ low-distortion woofers and silk dome tweeters with tuned rear chambers spread audio energy evenly in every direction. This results in smooth, clean sound from a wide range of mounting locations. This package also adds the all-new MVi amplifiers with built-in DSP, powered by the Garmin Fusion® Apollo™ RA770 source unit.

Standard equipment on the Open 352. Available as an upgrade on all other models except Masters 227 & 207 and Tournament 234 & 214.

Detail image of JL Audio M3-650X Gloss White Sport Grille Speakers

JL Audio M3-650X Gloss White Sport Grille Speakers

Utilizing true marine-grade construction, the M3-Series speakers are engineered to deliver high-performance sound. The M3-Series is optimized for infinite-baffle operation and employ JL Audio's long excursion woofer designs for solid mid-bass output and pure silk dome tweeters for smooth highs.

Standard on all models except Masters 227 & 207 and Tournament 234 & 214. Optional available in Masters 227 & 207 and Tournament 234 & 214.


Detail image of JL Audio MVi Amps

JL Audio MVi Amps

Meet the next generation of JL Audio Marine Amplifiers. Featuring advanced built-in Digital Signal Processing and JL Audio's unmatched marine amplifier performance. The MVi Amps have incredible tuning flexibility, all housed within a compact and beautiful chassis that is acoustically hand-tuned for each Sportsman Boat. These marine-grade amplifiers will provide years of entertainment on your Sportsman Boat while delivering unparalleled high-fidelity sound & battery consumption management.

Each MVi amplifier is programmed with a specific tuning that corresponds to the Sportsman Boat model where it is installed. This handcrafted tuning is an involved process that measures acoustic qualities, timing, material deflection, and speaker placement. Each boat has undergone hours of tuning by the team at JL Audio to optimize each individual speaker to achieve the highest fidelity of sound reproduction available in the marine industry, regardless of the location of the listener on the boat.

All and all, this package produces the absolute highest sound quality in marine audio.

Standard equipment on the Open 352. Available as part of the Ultra-Premium M6 Upgrade on all models except Masters 227 & 207 and Tournament 234 & 214.

Logo for the SportLink warranty.

What is SportLink®?

As part of the SportLink® package equipped on every Sportsman boat, all of the Garmin & JL Audio components receive 3 years of product warranty. This added value is exclusive to Sportsman Boats only.

"Just another reason to buy a Sportsman Boat."