SeaStar Maximus Digital Switching System

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Shows off the maximus digital switching system.

SeaStar Maximus DCM Digital Switching System

Redefining Convenience & Innovation

The SeaStar Maximus DCM Digital Switching System eliminates the need to have physical switches on the dash. This not only cleans up the dash of switches but it adds longevity to the electrical system of your boat. This is the way of the future and here at Sportsman Boats, we are leading the pack in innovation.

The system communicates through NMEA2000 to your Garmin MFD to add a screen that shows all of your 12v switches, doing away with the need to have physical toggle switches on the dash. You are able to customize the look and feel of the switches as well as create presets and modes with your favorite combination of lights. This type of flexibility is just not possible without digital switching.

To wrap it all up, it also includes a fob that allows you to operate the 8 most used functions on your boat from up to 100 feet away from your Sportsman Boat. This remote can even turn all power on or off on the vessel, redefining convenience and innovation.

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Logo for Maximus DCM by SeaStar.
This system is standard in all Open 352, 322, 302, 282, 282TE, 262, Heritage 261 & Masters 267, 267OE.

Sportsman Custom Key Fob

8-Button Multi-Function Sportsman Remote
Image of the Sportsman MDI Remote
Button Icon Representing Hard-Top Lights button.
Hard-Top Lights
Operates the blue lights overhead on the Hard-Top.
Button Icon Representing Spreader Lights button.
Spreader Lights
Operates the bright white LED lights located at the front and back of the top.
Button Icon Representing Courtesy Lights button.
Courtesy Lights
Operates the blue ambient lighting located throughout the cockpit.
Button Icon Representing Underwater Lights button.
Underwater Lights
Operates the blue underwater lights.
Button Icon Representing Freshwater Pump button.
Freshwater Pump
Operates the freshwater pump.
Button Icon Representing Raw Water Pump button.
Raw Water Pump
Operates the raw water pump.
Button Icon Representing Power Button button.
Power Button
Operates all of the power to the boat. This button is very similar to the main battery switch, it will interrupt all power to the boat.
Button Icon Representing Navigation Lights button.
Navigation Lights
Operates the red and green navigation lights built into the rub rail at the bow.

Maximus DCM

The Brain Powering The Digital Switching
Shows the internals of the digital switching system with the fusing redundancy.

At the heart of the system is the Maximus DCM. The module is mounted inside the console behind your electronics and provides a single source of power and fuses for all 12v accessories on the boat. One of the key features of the unit is the ease of being able to bypass the system and physically turn on any of the ports. The unit ships with all of the fuses in the normal position. Any of the fuses can be moved to the bypass position (as shown in the diagram) to override the system.

Maximus diagram for bypassing digital switching.
Logo for the SportLink warranty.

What is SportLink®?

As part of the SportLink® package equipped on every Sportsman boat, all of the Garmin & JL Audio components receive 3 years of product warranty. This added value is exclusive to Sportsman Boats only.

"Just another reason to buy a Sportsman Boat."