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Dock Talk

Ever found yourself in a conversation about boats and someone says a term you have no idea what it means?

January 12, 2019
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Have you ever found yourself in a conversation about boats or reading something and someone says a term you have no idea what it means? Luckily, we are here to save you from those awkward moments. We’ve pulled together some quick boat lingo terms with the help from our friends over at Discover Boating.

Here are a few key words we think could help out on you becoming an expert boater.

To force air and oxygen into livewells to keep fish or bait alive. Also, to force air under the running surface of a hull.

Center section of a boat.

Compartment on a fishing boat for holding live bait, usually with a pump to circulate the water and an aerator to provide oxygen.

Long carpeted sections of a boat trailer that support the boat's weight.

Portion of the hull where the bottom and sides intersect (can be rounded or angled).

Coring Material
Any of a variety of lightweight materials used between layers of fiberglass laminates to add strength.

Degrees of V-shape hull angle measured at the transom of planning powerboats.

Vertical distance a boat penetrates the water.

A pyrotechnic device used to indicate distress. Also, the outward curvature of the sides on the bow of a boat.

Vertical distance between the waterline and the top of the hull side.

Give Way
Yield to other traffic.

The upper edge of the side of a boat.

Forward motion of a boat in the water.

The structural body of the boat that rests in the water.

Inner Liner
Smooth-finished, molded fiberglass structure adjacent to the inside portion of the hull.

Jack Plate
A mounting device for an outboard motor that enables operators to vertically raise or lower the motor, thereby controlling propeller depth in the water.

Kill Switch
A switch with a lanyard that automatically shuts off an engine if disconnected.

Speed measured in nautical miles per hour.

Lamination Schedule
A list of the sequential layers of materials used in fiberglass construction.

Length overall; the distance between the most forward part of the boat and the most aft part.

A radio distress call.

Location near the center of a boat.

Nautical Mile
A distance of 6,076.12 feet or 1,852 meters, which is about 15 percent longer than a statute mile. Equivalent to one minute of latitude on a navigation chart.

Poles designed to spread out fishing lines and keep them from tangling while trolling.

Over the side of a boat and into the water.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
A safety vest or jacket capable of keeping an individual afloat.

A post driven into the ground below the waterline to support a pier, dock, etc.

Line, chain, cable or any combination of these used to connect the anchor to the boat.

Protective outer bumper that runs around the boat at the point where the top deck meets the hull.

Small linear protrusions that run longitudinally on both sides of the keel to give a planing hull lift and lateral stability.

Internal beams and braces that give a fiberglass hull structural support.

A fitting or object that goes all the way through a hull.

An electronic sensing device mounted in a boat's bilge or at the bottom of the transom to provide data for a depth sounder.

A boat in motion.

To raise anchor.

Rotating drum device used for hauling line or chain to raise and lower an anchor.

Zinc Anodes
Small pieces of zinc that attach to metal boat and engine components to help protect them from corrosion due to electrolysis, an effect caused when dissimilar metals are placed in a saltwater solution.

Click here to see the Full List of terms in the Discover Boating website

Boat lingo for the new boat owner.