Garmin Watches for Dedicated Boaters

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Garmin Watches for Dedicated Boaters

Learn How Garmin Smartwatches Are Not Just Great for Working Out

May 3, 2024
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Cody Silver
Videographer / Content Creator

I used to avoid wearing watches, disliking the feeling on my wrist. However, when I returned to running in 2018, I needed a device to track my miles, heart rate, recovery, and sleep. I started with an Apple Watch but soon realized I needed more for my running routine. That led me to Garmin. Many of my running friends swore by their Garmin watches for their extensive running features. In 2023, I bought one from a local running store here in Charleston and instantly loved it for its simple button controls.

Garmin offers a wide range of products for aviation, outdoor recreation, sports, and marine. At Sportsman Boats, every model comes equipped with Garmin equipment, ensuring an enhanced boating experience. One standout product is the Garmin Quatix 7 Smartwatch. A lot of us here at Sportsman wears this product. While it tracks running stats and gym workouts, it also seamlessly integrates with Garmin marine products like GPSMap MFDs and Fusion stereos. Some of its features include:

  • • Autopilot Control when not at the helm.
  • • Fusion-Link Audio System to control your music.
  • • Wayport Marking to place chartplotter waypoints.
  • • And so much more.
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The Quatix 7 may seem high-tech to some, but it's a valuable tool for navigation and control when you're not at the helm. I'm a big fan of Garmin's ability to create products that not only track workout data but can assist with navigation when on the water.

Check out Garmin's offerings to see if they suit your needs. Whether you're looking for a simple fitness watch or advanced marine technology, Garmin has something for everyone.