The Top Boating Apps For Tides & Weather

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The Top Boating Apps For Tides & Weather

Today you have all the information you could ever need at your fingertips, but with all that information out there, where is the best source to get the needed information? These apps are the top boating apps for weather, tides and more.

November 22, 2023
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Alex Levy
Warranty Specialist

For boat owners, having a successful trip depends on more than just a boat. It's also about knowing the tides and weather conditions. Luckily, we have handy boating apps that provide all the vital information you need for safe and enjoyable voyages. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best boating apps that help you stay informed about tides and weather in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

1. Navionics Boating - Easy Navigation

Navionics Boating is an app that helps you plan your routes and stay informed about weather and tides. It's a great all-in-one solution for boaters.

2. Windy - Wind, Waves, and Tides

Windy is a popular app for sailors because it focuses on wind, waves, and tide forecasts. It provides detailed weather information and is user-friendly.

3. MyRadar - Real-Time Weather

MyRadar is a helpful app for boaters looking for up-to-the-minute weather updates. It offers animated weather radar and NOAA data.

4. Tides Near Me - Easy Tidal Info

Tides Near Me does exactly what it says – it gives you tide information for your location. It's simple and great for planning around tides.

5. FishWeather - Fishing and Sailing Info

FishWeather is designed for anglers and sailors. It offers wind, wave, and tide data. The app is easy to use and perfect for planning fishing or sailing trips.

6. BoatUS - Weather and Tides

The BoatUS app provides real-time weather and tide info. It also shares details about fuel prices and marina discounts.

7. NOAA SuperRes Radar US - Weather Radar

While this app mainly focuses on radar information, it's great for tracking storms and being prepared for changing weather.

With these easy-to-use boating apps, planning your trips is a breeze. Whether you're a sailor, a fisherman, or simply love being out on the water, these apps can help you make better decisions about tides and weather. Combine these tools with your boating experience, and you'll enjoy safe and fun journeys on the water.