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Open 352 Center Console

The Open 352 redefines luxury and functionality with innovations in every corner. Starting at the transom, 2 30-gallon aquarium livewells with tempered glass windows, dual side entry doors, removable cockpit table, large center cooler and a large flip-up bench seat. Legendary bilge access compartment with designed-in Seakeeper receiver. Leaning post features triple individual chairs, with table storage and rear facing seating. At the helm, a blacked-out command center with up to 2 22" Garmin displays, VHF, JL Audio M6 with MVi DSP amps and storage. Inside the console, a berth for up to 2 adults and a child, porcelain toilet, sink and plenty of storage. Console front, a sculpted seat for 2 with a 65 qt. cooler. At the bow, wrap-around seating with electronically actuated table, under gunwale storage, comfortable deep seating with backrests and windlass foot controls.

Open 352 Center Console
Main image of the Open 352 Center Console.

Open 352 Center Console


Available Options

Detail image of Second Garmin GPSMAP® 8622 MFD

Second Garmin GPSMAP® 8622 MFD

Adding a second screen duplicates all of the functions from the first screen and adds display real estate. Instead of having to split a single screen, you are able to split functionality across two full size displays. Keep in mind that all of the information is shared with both screens, meaning you are able to set each one to display exactly what you need.

Detail image of Garmin GMR™ Fantom 18 Radome

Garmin GMR™ Fantom 18 Radome

The 18-inch, 40 W solid-state Garmin GMR Fantom 18 dome radar features MotionScope technology, which uses the Doppler effect to detect and highlight moving targets to help you avoid potential collisions. Fully integrated with the Garmin chartplotter.

Detail image of Garmin GMR™ 424 xHD2 Open Array

Garmin GMR™ 424 xHD2 Open Array

This radar provides advanced features, including beam sharpening for target separation control and increased target detection capabilities. A great addition to any SportLink® package.

Detail image of Garmin Reactor™ 40 Autopilot

Garmin Reactor™ 40 Autopilot

Reactor 40 autopilot provides relief from manually holding the wheel to maintain course, especially when cruising at moderate to high speeds. Sit back at the helm and enjoy your time on the water as the solid-state 9-axis AHRS technology delivers a comfortable ride. This option requires Optimus Electronic Power Steering

Detail image of Garmin GXM™ 54 SiriusXM® Weather Antenna

Garmin GXM™ 54 SiriusXM® Weather Antenna

The GXM 54 SiriusXM® weather antenna lets you enjoy added confidence and peace of mind on the water by always having access to the most current weather conditions and forecasts. The antenna adds highly detailed weather information directly to the screen including current weather information, NEXRAD, lightning, water temperatures, wind and wave current conditions and forecast data.

Detail image of 2nd Garmin VHF 215 Radio

2nd Garmin VHF 215 Radio

Communication is critical on the water, add this second VHF radio for redundancy. Features include all U.S., Canadian and international marine channels, 10 NOAA weather channels, Standard Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and built-in GPS antenna.

Detail image of Air Conditioning (12V 3500 BTU)

Air Conditioning (12V 3500 BTU)

Adds air conditioning system to the berth with additional vents at the helm for a cool ride, even in extreme heat conditions.

Detail image of Console Drape (LP & Console, req. Top)

Console Drape (LP & Console, req. Top)

This console and leaning post drape cover is convenient and quick to set up. Attaches to the piping of the hard-top and creates a curtain coverage around the entire console and leaning post.

Detail image of Custom Color Engine (Triples)

Custom Color Engine (Triples)

If the original paint color of Yamaha is not for you, opt in for the custom painted engines. Offered in White and Black, they surely will match the color theme of your Sportsman Boat. The paint job includes new custom silver decals to replace the original ones.

Detail image of Dark Hull Color (Black/Steel/Shark) Upgrade

Dark Hull Color (Black/Steel/Shark) Upgrade

If the boat or package includes a light hull color already and you would like to a Steel Blue or Black hull color, this is the upgrade charge.

Detail image of Gemlux Bluewater Outriggers

Gemlux Bluewater Outriggers

GEMLUX® Carbon Fiber Outriggers were designed to the highest standard for Outriggers in the fishing industry. Period. They have all the advantages of our standard series, plus MORE!

Detail image of Gemlux Shade

Gemlux Shade

Adds shade to the boat and can be easily be taken off when not needed.

Detail image of Gull Wings

Gull Wings

This gull wings option serves as an extension to the spray shield with additional triangular coverage for both sides of the console and it is designed to block off any spray from the side.

Detail image of Optimus 360 Joystick (Triples Only)

Optimus 360 Joystick (Triples Only)

For ultimate control of your boat, add the SeaStar Optimus 360 joystick. Optimus 360 allows you to move your boat not only forward and back, but also sideways, by pushing the joystick to the left, or to the right, and even, rotate on a dime, all with a simple twist of the joystick. This system is not available on engines larger than 350HP.

Detail image of Release Marine Package (Helm, Chairs & Bow Backs)

Release Marine Package (Helm, Chairs & Bow Backs)

This authentic teak package takes your boat from awesome to WOW! It includes 3 custom made helm chairs, a custom helm pod and ladder-back bow backrests.

Detail image of Release Marine Package (Helm Pod)

Release Marine Package (Helm Pod)

This option adds only the helm pod from our full Release Marine package.

Detail image of Seakeeper 3 Gyroscopic Stabilizer

Seakeeper 3 Gyroscopic Stabilizer

This system eliminates up to 95% of boat roll and the danger, fatigue, anxiety, and seasickness that go with it. Our boat is designed to accept the Seakeeper and has a special pod where it is installed for a true OEM installation.

Detail image of Sun Shade w/ Poles - Front

Sun Shade w/ Poles - Front

For those very sunny days, this sun shade kit will be a lifesaver. It includes two poles, a breathable fabric canvas and a carrying bag for storage. This option is for the front of the boat.

Detail image of Sun Shade w/ Poles - Rear

Sun Shade w/ Poles - Rear

For those very sunny days, this sun shade kit will be a lifesaver. It includes two poles, a breathable fabric canvas and a carrying bag for storage. This option is for the rear of the boat.

Detail image of Taco Outriggers - GS380

Taco Outriggers - GS380

With a rugged design, these outriggers will provide years of reliable service even in the most challenging saltwater applications. They feature a locking head, a crank for setting up the angle of the outrigger poles and the latest in sleek and ergonomic shape. They are matched up to Taco's 15' poles and come with the basic rigging kit.

Detail image of Transhield Shipping Cover

Transhield Shipping Cover

This is a one-time use transportation cover used for transporting long distances.

Detail image of Yamaha Helm Master (Twins)

Yamaha Helm Master (Twins)

Captains of offshore boats have already discovered the incredible ease and precision of Helm Master®. This fully integrated boat control system includes an enhanced binnacle control, a streamlined digital display, push-button start/stop switches and an innovative joystick. It’s the joystick that moves the large craft in surprisingly agile ways making navigating crowded marinas and docking in tight slips much less intimidating.